2016 Toyota Tacoma Revealed

2016 Toyota Tacoma

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma has been released ahead of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (January 12–25). You can clearly see the new grille and sheet metal bits that are part of the redesign. There haven’t been any details released regarding engine choices and chassis/body configurations, but stay tuned for more info. Until then, here are some more photos of Toyota’s redesigned mid-sized pickup.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Back

2016 Toyota Tacoma Off Road

2016 Toyota Tacoma at Dusk

2016 Toyota Tacoma Tailgate


High Honor: Kelly Fromm’s 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 3500

2015 GMC Sierra Denali High Honor

Kelly Fromm debuted his amazing 2015 GMC Denali 3500, called “High Honor,” at the 2014 SEMA Show, and won second place in the Bushwacker Founder’s Award. The highly customized truck is a rolling tribute to the American Armed Forces; Kelly himself served in the 82nd Airborne Division in the U.S. Army. On top of that, he started an organization called Rev-It-Up For Wounded Warriors, which among other things, works with the Active Dog Academy Service Dog Foundation (ADASDF).

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New! Color-Matching Fender Flares

Bushwacker Color Matching Fender FlaresMany people who buy our fender flares paint them to match their truck. This means once you get the flares, you need to send them out to a body shop for paint, wait for them to get done, and hope they come back well painted and in the right shade. This takes time, costs money, and sometimes the paint isn’t done correctly—it can be a big hassle.

Color Matching Fender Flare Close UpNow Bushwacker has taken the hassle out of color-matching fender flares! We now offer a number of our popular Pocket Style Fender Flares in colors to match many new trucks and SUVs. Yes, color-matching fender flares directly from Bushwacker. It saves time, money, and potential hassles.

The flares not only come with a fantastic OE-quality finish, they also come with the stainless steel hardware and edge trim pre-installed from our factory in Portland, Oregon USA. All you’ll have to do is unbox them and install them. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Like all of our other flares, these are made from sturdy Dura-Flex™ 2000 material, so they’ll last for years and years. They also provide that extra tire coverage you’re looking for to keep dirt and debris off of your ride.

Below is a complete list of applications we currently offer for our color-matching fender flares. Other applications will be added, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

You can also view this .PDF on its own.


Bushwacker 2015 Ford F-150 Fender Flares Now Available

2015 Ford F-150 Fender Flares

When the 2015 Ford F-150 hits dealer lots, Bushwacker will be ready with accessories for the truck.

First out of the gate will be our Pocket Style Fender Flares. These easy-to-install flares offer 1.5 inches of additional tire coverage and help protect the paint on the new F-150 from dirt and debris while offering a rugged look. The flares are made from tough Dura-Flex 2000 material that is 100% UV-resistant and comes in an OEM matte-black finish that’s easy to paint. The flares include the edge trim and stainless steel bolts for a great bolted-on look. If you’re going to run tires that stick out past the factory fenders, our Pocket Style Fender Flares may also let you comply with local laws that requires a tire to be completely covered by a fender. And you thought they just looked cool!

For those looking for a smooth, customized look, Bushwacker Extend-A-Fender Flares are just the ticket. They feature the same benefits as the Pocket-Style Flares but with a different style. For F-150 owners looking add the appearance of an upscale trim package while adding a bit more tire coverage, our  “OE” Style Fender Flares are perfect. They also look great on sport trucks and lowered F-150s, too.

Whether you want a rugged, bolted on look; a smooth custom appearance; or an upscale OE style, Bushwacker has you covered.

Bushwacker Fender Flares for 2015+ Ford F-150

Pocket Style® Fender Flares
Part # Description Coverage Amount
20935-02 Set of Four 1.5"
20091-02 Front Pair 1.5"
20092-02 Rear pair 1.5"
Extend-A-Fender® Flares
Part # Description Coverage Amount
20936-02 Set of Four 1.5"
20093-02 Front Pair 1.5"
20094-02 Rear pair 1.5"
OE-Style® Fender Flares
Part # Description Coverage Amount
20937-02 Set of Four 0.5"
20095-02 Front Pair 0.5"
20096-02 Rear pair 0.5"

SEMA 2014: The Bushwacker Booth and Founder’s Award Interviews

SEMA 2014  is in the books and it was another great show for Bushwacker. If you weren’t able to attend, check out video showcasing the latest Bushwacker products, our 2015 Ford F-150 project truck, and Toyota 4Runner concept truck. We also interview the two runners up and the winner of the Bushwacker Founder’s Award and take a closer look at their outstanding builds.

For pictures from the show, be sure to visit the Bushwacker Facebook Page.

Bushwacker 2014 Toyota 4Runner


The Bushwacker Founder’s Award Winner

Bushwacker Founder's Award Winner, Josh Ellison's Ford Super Duty

The 2014 SEMA Show was filled with all kinds of wild rides, but there was only one winner of the first Bushwacker Founder’s Award. The award, which was given to the builder of the best truck or SUV at the 2014 SEMA, was judged by a panel of industry experts and represented a builder’s passion for the automotive aftermarket. The judges looked at a ton of vehicles at the show, but in the end, it was Josh Ellison’s candy apple red 2014 Ford F-350 Super Duty that took the top prize of $1,500 and the Founder’s Award Trophy.

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Bushwacker $50 Factory Rebate

Bushwacker $50 Factory Rebate

It’s rare that we have special offers, but this is one of those times. Bushwacker is offering a $50 factory rebate on its entire line of fender flares from October, 10 2014 through January 15, 2015. This limited-time offer applies to all seven styles we currently make, so if you’ve been waiting for that just-right time to buy a set of Bushwacker Fender Flares, this is it.

To claim your Bushwacker $50 Factory Rebate:

1. Purchase a set of four (4), or a front and rear correlating combination of Bushwacker Fender Flares between October 10, 2014 and January 15, 2015. Click here for a list of qualifying part numbers.

2. Include the original product packaging UPC code and the original retailer receipt that clearly shows the purchase date and items purchased. For Internet orders please include the full invoice supplied by the retailer.

3. Download the rebate claim form, fill it out, and mail your rebate submission to:

Bushwacker Inc. Rebate 201410
6710 N. Catlin Ave
Portland, Or 97203

Rebates must be postmarked no later than February 16, 2015.

No matter which application you’re interested in, now is a great time to get a set of Bushwacker Fender Flares for your vehicle. You can, of course, check out the entire lineup of our products at Bushwacker.com.


2015 Chevrolet Colorado Configurator Goes Live

2015 Chevrolet ColoradoYou can now build a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado on the Chevy website. The truck will be available in extended cab/long-box, crew cab/shot box, or crew cab/long box configuration. Base power will come from a 2.5-liter direct-injected four cylinder making 200 hp and 191 ft/lbs. of torque; the upgraded engine is a 3.6-liter V6 making 305 horsepower and 269 ft/lbs. of torque. And like we reported before, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the diesel option, as it isn’t listed for ’15. Even in gas form, however, the truck will be capable of getting a respectable 26 MPG (that’s in a 2WD with the V6).

Base price (not including tax, title, delivery) is $20,120 for a four cylinder, 2WD version. Check every option box, and a fully decked-out Z71 with the V6 and 4WD  amounts to $42,890.

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Announcing The Bushwacker Founder’s Award

Bushwacker Founder's Award

The Bushwacker Founder’s Award

At the 2014 SEMA Show, Bushwacker will give the builder of the best truck or SUV our first-ever Bushwacker Founder’s Award. This award will be presented by our Founder, Jerry Logan, and will recognize a builder’s drive, creativity, dedication, and commitment to the automotive aftermarket as expressed through their truck or SUV build. The prize will be $1,500 and the trophy at the left. And if you’re building a rig for this show and it’ll have our products on it, you can also enter. More on that below.

The SEMA Show represents the pulse of the automotive aftermarket. It’s where trends are set, innovations are showcased, and where the world’s top builders come to show their vehicular masterpieces—and that includes amazing truck and SUV builds. We know builders put an incredible amount of time, energy, dedication, and passion into these trucks and SUVs, and beginning at this year’s show, we’re going to recognize that enthusiasm.

The idea behind the Founder’s Award is more than simply recognizing an outstanding truck/SUV at the SEMA Show—it recognizes a builder’s dedication and desire to drive industry passion in the automotive aftermarket. We know the incredible effort and commitment involved in building a SEMA vehicle. Months of hard work, determination, and drive get poured into these trucks and SUVs even though the vehicles are only on display for four days. Nevertheless, year after year builders from around the world present new, fresh, ground-breaking ideas that will set trends and further the automotive aftermarket.

Bushwacker's Founder, Jerry Logan

Bushwacker Founder, Jerry Logan

The presenter of this award, our Founder, Jerry Logan, at left, is a lifelong car and truck enthusiast. He started Bushwacker in 1967 by selling fender flares for Jeep vehicles out of his garage with only a handful of employees. As his enthusiasm for the automotive aftermarket grew, so did Bushwacker. Currently Bushwacker has more than 460 product applications, a 125,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, and 300 employees here in Portland, Oregon. That passion Jerry has for the automotive industry—that unrelenting drive for ingenuity, quality, and style—has never ceased. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“Bushwacker has always been a business fueled by automotive and industry enthusiasm. For more than 47 years, we have been taking that passion and putting it into the products we manufacture. We will recognize an individual that shares that enthusiasm and present them our Founder’s Award,” says Jerry.

If you’re building a truck or SUV for the 2014 SEMA Show and would like to enter to win the first ever Bushwacker Founder’s Award, visit Bushwacker.com/FoundersAward




The Ford Bronco was Introduced Today in 1965

According to Motoramic, on August 11, 1965, Ford introduced the world to the Bronco. Yes, 49 years ago, Ford announced it’d offer its soon-to-be-iconic SUV as a 1966 model. In this great vintage commercial above, Ford refers to the vehicle as the “first four-wheel drive sports car.” That’s probably not how most people would refer to it today, but regardless, the Bronco secured its place in automotive history by creating capable, popular 4x4s over the years—sports car or not. The Bronco was offered for 30 years, ending production in 1996. And yes, there was the smaller-sized Bronco II offered from 1984-1990 that eventually gained two more doors and turned into the Explorer.

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