Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Not Until 2016

Yes, you read that right – Chevrolet is bringing a diesel option to the latest generation Colorado, but you won’t see it until the 2016 model year. Two gasoline engines will be released with the 2015 Colorado – a 2.5L four-cylinder and a 3.6L V6, both mated with six-speed automatic transmission.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Towing

Chevrolet claims that the 2.5L will produce 193 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque; the larger V6 should output 302 hp, 270 lb-ft, and be able to tow 6,700 lbs.

The 2016 Chevy Colorado diesel will feature the Duramax 2.8L I-4 turbodiesel, which will crank out approximately 200hp and 368 lb-ft of torque, and has already been proven on the global market – let’s hope they offer it with a manual as well! Chevrolet  expects to have class leading fuel economy with the diesel Colorado, that is unless Toyota or Ford (Ranger T6, anyone?) makes a move on the US mid-sized truck market by the ’16 model year.

Personally, I think the Chevy Colorado with a Duramax will be very disruptive, and will force Ford to bring the Ranger T6 home with a diesel. Toyota has to be feeling the pressure as well since the Tacoma is the reigning mid-sized king. Toyota did tinker with a Tundra dually concept in ’07 which featured an 8.0L Hino diesel engine, but hasn’t pursued the technology with any seriousness. Although a distant thought, the Volkswagen Amarok could find its way into the mix now that Canada and the EU are discussing a free trade agreement, which would allow the Amarok into Canada.

Regardless, 2015/2016 will be lucrative for the mid-sized truck. What do you think? Will the Chevrolet Colorado with a Duramax diesel be on your list?

24 thoughts on “Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Not Until 2016

  1. To be honest, the new 2015 Colorado is larger than I need but I like what I see so far. I love that GM decided to offer a small diesel and to go with 4-wheel disc brakes. Before the reveal, several internet articles reported it would have only front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The details I still need before I make a decision to buy are; 1) crashworthiness, 2) reliability, 3) price, and 4) mpg. Although this version of the Colorado is larger than I need, it just may just wind up in my driveway if GM proves it has done its homework.

    • Very valid points DrLou! I suppose my first detail will be the price tag; I think Chevy will have a massive hit if they can offer the Colorado with a Duramax for $20k-$25k, but that may be wishful thinking.

    • DrLou: I can’t speak to MPG and price in the US, but as far as crash-worthiness, the Australian and NZ (Holden) versions of the Colorado have an ANCAP 5 Star (the highest) safety rating. In NZ we can get the 6 speed manual with a 2.8 litre diesel. I just ordered one – can’t wait ’til it gets here.

  2. I have been wanting a small diesel truck since 1996 when I drove the HILUX while working in Africa. Why has it taken so long?
    The only thing that will prevent me from buying this new Colorado is if Toyota puts the D4D in the tacoma first.

    • Really? Buy american….all sales in foreign vehicles go back to the country of origin…get our country back on track and buy american

      • If I have a resonsibility to buy American, Then The American auto makers have a responsibility to build the vehicle I’m willing to pay for. I will always buy the best vehicle for my dollar no matter where its made. With that being said, I would rather buy American, but if A foreign auto maker makes a better truck for a reasonable price, guess which truck I’m buying.

  3. Can’t wait for the Diesel installment. If those torque figures are accurate, it should be fun to drive and a real workhorse. I tow a boat but I don’t need a full size truck. A 4 door Diesel Z71 for 35K CAD would be a dream come true… I’ll probably need to keep dreaming, though!

  4. I think Chevrolet is making a big mistake by not offering a 6 foot bed in the 4 door Colorado.I myself want a diesel but would want a 6 foot bed as well as having the ability to seat up to five people. I guess I’ll be keeping my 4 door Nissan 4wd frontier with a 6 foot bed until a similar size truck is produced with a diesel! Of course Toyota and Nissan are making a bigger mistake by having no plans for a diesel at all! Toyota has the hilux diesel throughout most of the world but not in the US or Canada!

  5. I am definatley considering trading my Tahoe for the dura max diesel Colorado…unless they put a dura max in the Tahoe before then……Chevy needs to make the 1500 class trucks with a diesel….we don’t all want a 2500 series

  6. GM already sells the duramax colorado in Australia called the Holden Colorado. From what I’ve read they get between 40 and 65 mpg if my conversion for 1/100km is correct. I’m definitely going to own one as soon as they go on the market. I’ve been waiting years for a small or midsize diesel pickup to be sold by GM. Maybe in a couple of years they will offer an 8 speed automatic with them as well.

    • check your math. A 3500 lb Volkswagen jetta diesel only gets 42 mpg, so factor in an additional 2500 lbs and poor drag coefficient for a diesel colorado

    • Yes it is. Expect Diesels to be padded up to the max for fatter margins.. You better believe it. But you can get base diesel colorado trucks, ford T6, or Toyoto hilux overseas right now. Its always different in the home market.

  7. I own a lawncare company in Heber Springs AR and im thinking about buying a 2016 colorado diesel . i believe it would my lawn trailer fine. Im really wondering what the price will be maybe 25,000 or so and what the gas milage would be hopefully between 20-25 mpg

    • a 2014 Colorado Crewcab 4×4 LT prices out at over $34K. Thinking you can buy a 2015 diesel for 25K is a dry dream. expect a similar premium for diesel power that you see on the duramax, powerstroke and cummins. About $7k..

  8. Next year Ford will redesign the T6 with a F150 looking front end. I own a 2014 Ranger XLT in Fiji and have also driven a Colorado with duramax over there and can say without question, the 3.2 6 speed 5 cylinder diesel on the Ranger destroys the duramax. In its current form with rounded front end it would be a disaster to sell in the states. But from what I’ve seen, the new Ranger would be a hot cake if they ever imported it. And they could bring them in from the south African plant without the chicken tax but it would cost a bunch to transport it here. Toyota also has a new hilux model coming out similar to the T6. If they brought that over chevy would be pissed for sure. Being I think both the new Hilux and re-designed Ranger would be stronger values and quite frankly, more powerful in that segment.

    If GM has any big success with these new models I would expect major competition in around 1.5 years time. But should have the market to themselves for a while. Nissan’s frontier is horribly dated and its overseas diesel cousin the navara is getting killed by the T6. Tacoma currently the mid size leader in the US will be very disappointed when the colorado comes out. The Tacoma is also dated, a gas guzzler and IMO, ugly. Toyota should bring in the new designed Hilux with the diesel option and be done with it.

  9. buy the v6 now or wait till the diesel comes out idk what to do i kinda want the v6 more just because the emissions,fuel and maintenance will be espensive on a diesel and overall price.

  10. I’ve been seriously thinking about down sizing from my big ole ’04 Ram 2500 5.9 HOTD… Great truck, bullet proof Cummins, with 19 mpg average @ almost 10k lb…. but all i haul these days is my ass to work, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, wet dogs, and a sea kayak. I am very excited to find a turbo diesel in a 4×4 midsize…… But I’m gonna hold my breath just a little longer for the ZR2… That thing looks bad ass IMHO.