10 thoughts on “2014 Chevrolet Silverado Fender Flares

  1. Does Bushwacker have flares to widen the wheel well in the pipeline? I was hoping to see flares that could be used to, along with trimming, round out the wheel well.

    • Hi Marcus! Currently we offer a Pocket and OE style. We typically design a Cut-Out, which is more apt for what you’re looking for, but the engineering time to guarantee a perfect fit takes a bit longer than a standard flare. When the topic of a Cut-Out comes up i’ll be sure to mention rounding out the wheel well.

      • I have a 2014 Silverado with a 4″ lift, and Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares. I am fixing to put new tires and wheels on it, and I like the way the pictures above look. What is the offset on the wheels on this one?