2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel

2014-Dodge-Ram-1500-DieselThe 2014 truck race is heating up – not only have Chevrolet, Jeep, and Ford released upcoming revisions, but now Dodge is putting the pressure on. Chrysler has announced that the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 will have an optional 3L V6 turbo-diesel in 2014. Dodge will be the first automaker to offer half-ton diesel in over 30 years.

Following the 3L V6  EcoDiesel Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ram 1500 will push its best in class fuel economy with the new EcoDiesel. Manufactured by Italian engine maker VM Motori, the 2014 Ram 1500 diesel will be paired with the eight-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission, which has already been proven in the SRT8 line.

It’s hard to say what the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel fuel economy will be, but it’s inevitable that it’ll surpass the 2013 gasoline 1500 which boasts 25mpg. The Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel produces 240hp and 420 ft-lbs of torque, but that’s not to say that Dodge won’t tune the 3L to increase towing capacity on the 2014 Ram 1500.

It looks like Dodge is pushing the envelope for 2014, not only do they have the best in class towing with the 2013 HD 3500 dually, but it looks like the 1500 will keep its best in class MPG. And more than likely best in class torque and range.

What do you think, is this a game changer? And a second consecutive Truck of the Year award?



VEHICLE TYPE: 2/3-passenger 2WD full-size pickup

BASE PRICE: $40,850 (as tested: $41,945)

MOTOR TYPE: 24-valve EcoDiesel V-6


HORSEPOWER (net): 240 at 3600 rpm

TORQUE (lb.-ft.): 420 at 2000 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic


TURNING CIRCLE (curb-to-curb): 39.5 ft.



EPA MILEAGE RATING: 19 mpg city, 26 mpg highway (estimated)

[Edit: Read about the Cummins engine for the new Titan here]

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44 thoughts on “2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel

  1. I have been waiting for one of the big three to come up with this application as I am a Diesel man just want a lighter truck with a better ride and fuel economy. I will haul a load once in a while but not often. Glad to see some one has the customer in mind for a change.

    • George in Upper Michigan- Just got my Ram 1500 Eco Diesel, and I LOVE it. Left the dealership and drove it home, averaged 28.4 mpg. Have over 1200 miles on it now and average 25.6 with overall driving and idle time. Awesome truck inside and out, looks sharp. drives easy and handles wonderful and is quiet. Ram will not be able to build enough of these.

    • Purchased mine and have had nothing but problems with sensors and the DEF exhaust system. Has been sitting in shop for 2 weeks this time waiting on parts. Since this is my work truck it is costing me a fortune in lost work on the pipelines since I do not have another truck. Dealership actually told me to take mine to another dealership for warranty work in the future because I complained to the owner of the dealership concerning the numerous problems I have had. I will not buy another Dodge product after this type of treatment.

  2. Too bad it has not been 30 years. GM offered the 6.5 detroit in the 1500 silverado and sierra in the mid and late 90′s… almost did some good maths!

    • The 6.5 Diesel was a 3/4 ton 1 ton engine. The only 1/2 ton diesel Chevy & GMC’s were the 5.7 litre in 1978, 79, 80.

      • Your stateme
        nt; The only 1/2 ton diesel Chevy/GMC were 5.7L in 78,79,80 Not true I own a 1983 Chevy Silverado C10 short bed, wide side with a 6.2L diesel, auto trans in it. Came from the factory that way!

        • in fact you both wrong on the 1500 diesel… in 1994 the 1500 had the 6.5 diesel option in 1995 GM went to a light duty 2500 with the 6.5 and after that it was the 2500/3500 only with the 6.5

          • I had a 1998 k1500 with the 6.5 Turbo Diesel and a 1986 silverado with the 6.2 diesel.So GM made them up to 1998.

    • LOL, uhmm, I’m getting older too guys but 1984 was 30 years ago. I know it doesn’t feel like it for some of us. Sad but true.

      • It really doesn’t matter, the GM 6.5 was the biggest pile of crap ever! I think they had the same HP rating as my lawn mower. There is a reason that Isuzu makes their engines now!

  3. I would buy in an instant: Toyota Tacoma frame/Ford Ranger frame/ GM sierra frame – short bed, 4×4, manual trans,locking rear, front axle hubs, tow package, 4 cylinder high performance diesel w/o urea after thought. Send me info on those specs.

    • ive been a Dodge Diesel owner for 27 years. April of last year I traded my 2010 3500 for a 2012 1500 laramie for the ride due to work commuting 2 hours a day. (got tired of the bumpy ride) Would be a game changer to me if the Diesel produces more torq and HP for towing. I love the ride of my 2012 1500 laramie but when i tow, the trailer can push the truck downhill.
      Im surprised a Cummins isnt in the game….is this a car diesel from Italy going into an american truck……REALLY????

      • VM Motori the italian diesel makes diesels engines for cruise ships to trains and england taxi cabs etc, and i think tanks also.

    • Can’t wait to see the new 1500 ram. Hope it has 300 HP with 500 Ft. Pds. torque then it can be used as a great towing package

  4. Now I can have my cake and eat it too! My current 08 Grand Cherokee Overland 3.0CRD will pull 7200 lbs all day without breaking a sweat. It has a smidge less torque/hp than the VM version. (by the way, I read somewhere that VM builds all the engines for the London taxicab fleet…is this true?) My MB engine is basically a car engine, and you will see them with
    incredible mileages racked up. I have seen used Sprinters ( different V6 engine) with 500-700,000+ miles on them and still going strong. Just hope the Mopar tranny is as robust

  5. Im sorry, but being a previous owner of a 2005 Jeep Liberty with the 2.8 VM Motori turbo diesel engine was enough for me. That engine was a complete pile of junk. Had it at the dealership so many times within the first year that they were forced to buy it back from me. EGR problems, valve issues, engine block issues, MAP problems, electrical gremlins, head cracking issues, plus you need a boatload of specialty tools to repair anything on it. Parts are no longer available even for the 2005-2006 year model. Anything that IS available is both super expensive AND takes 8-12 weeks to get. At least with Mercedes and/or Cummins, they have a large parts network here in the USA. When you try to find anything VM Motori you get the “VM WHO?” response wherever you call. They’re definitely no Cummins…

  6. That engine maker is despised in Italy. Dodge trucks are the worst quality vehicle available for sale in the Us. I like the idea, but this one will be a disaster.

    If only a real quality truck like the Tundra would offer a diesel.

    • I am the proud owner of a 2007 dodge 3500 with a 5.9 Cummings. this is my third dodge since 2003. my friend has a tundra and can’t get over 12 mpg, I went to Wyoming and got 19.7 highway and around town get 15/16.
      It has never been back to the dealer for anything but oil changes.

      • You’re right john. I own a 2012 tundra and its giving me about 12 mpgs if I’m lucky. Sounds like dodge is planning to pick up another truck of the year trophy. I would trade it in a heart beat if it comes out.

  7. Wow, surprised to hear Nunya’s comments regarding the relative quality of Dodge V. Toyota. I own a 2010 Dodge 3500 Cummins and haul a 15,000 pound trailer around and it is the best pulling, best performing, most comfortable truck I have owned. Oh, and by the way I have done nothing except change fluids and one set of tires. Excuse me I also had one battery replaced under warranty. And BTW I have consulted on most auto/truck brands and I can’t say that the Tundra stands out as that good. On the other hand Toyota has a good track record of taking care of customers when things go wrong.

  8. Maybe this post is too old to matter, but Nissan just announced a Cummins diesel in the (hopefully 2014) near future. As a very happy owner of a 2005 Titan — who is also a huge diesel fan thanks to my TDi — I can’t wait!

  9. I am still driving my 1983 toyota diesel pickup, it only gets about 38mpg highway and 32 combined. Of course even though listed as a 1/2 ton pickup it sure doesn’t have the towing capacity of the current 1/2 ton pickups

  10. We’ll see what the cost is. What I, and many others I think, really would like to see is a mid sized vehicle with 2 – 2.5 liter turbo diesel that has 4 x 4 with locking diffs, can tow 3,500 lbs but still get reasonable fuel economy as an every day driver. With all the folks around North America that tow smaller camper trailers, boats, etc I think it would sell like hot cakes. Seems like now you have to buy a 3 ton vehicle that tows 8,000 lbs or more, or you’re out of luck.
    Frustrated in Canada.

  11. Dodge and Cummins developed a V8 turbocharged diesel for a light duty truck about 6-7 years ago. Dodge walked away from the deal in 2008 when they had the bailout. Cummins has had these engines sitting in a warehouse since 2008. Now Nissan has bought them and plans on putting the Cummins diesel in their full size truck. An Italian diesel rather than American made diesel in an “American” truck, go figure.

      • Cummins has developed great diesel engines for years and years and I’m confident the new Ram1500 Diesel will be a success however people have to think before going diesel. If the need is only short trips to and from work, grocery shopping and a little camping now and then I think a gasoline engine like Fords V6 will serve them better year round, at least for colder climate like Canada. For everyone else that uses a 1/2 ton truck and who puts a lot of mileage on I think the Ram will be a new welcome bomb on the market, look forward to see this one arrive and will for sure be in the line to test drive.

        • For use as a daily driver: F150 Chevy 1500 gas 20 mpg @ $3.30 gal….400 mi. Per 20 gal…..dodge 1500 diesel 25 mpg @ $4.20 gal….500 mi. Per 20 gal……mmmm…..costs a diesel $1.50 more for same distance….I don’t see it….it breaks down to pretty much the same same costs per mile…..and oil changes and repair costs are higher with the diesel…..motor longevity isn’t really too much a factor anymore seeing how the trucks fall part before the motors…..but the torque factor is incomparable….diesels win hands down….hopefully they insulate the cab a little better for engine noise….cummins are just too loud inside the cab….

  12. I have read all about the Company who makes this Engine, Motori in Italy. They have made diesels since 1947 and this engine is the Cream of their Crop! Finally the US market will have a moderate diesel in a pickup that has enough torque to do it all on little fuel!

  13. If it is not available with a stick I’m not interested. Having replaced THREE AUTO TRANYS in my 1998 Durango, two out of pocket and the engine 70K also out of pocket Dodge will have to kiss my arse if they ever want me back!!!

  14. I drove a RAM 3500 for past 11 yrs with a cummins 5.9 turbo disel, pulled a 3 horse trailer across country several tiemes. My experince was such that I don’t think Dodge needs to fool around with another engine. Cummins is king of the road. I love my diesel truck.

  15. I drive Ford, 7.3 diesel,crew cab,long bed…12.4 in town and 19.8 hwy. it’s a 1999 only 176,000 miles…I love it, I like the Dodge idea, but I can’t give up my Ford yet. Plus I pull a fifth wheel, 32′. I might look at 2500 series, but I’m not sold yet….thanks for ll th info.

  16. I have an old Dodge D250 extended cab 8′ box 4×4 with the 5.9 cummins diesel engine . Very good hauler and great for snow removal . I have had six offers from young men , who want to push the envelope on the H.P. and torque side of the engine as it’s uncomputerized unit . No sale on my side , have you seen the price of the new trucks . No sale for me even though I could definitely afford one .

  17. I know this sound impossible but a friend an di were in London Ontario yesterday and saw a Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel advertisement on a billboard. It list 45mpg as the advertised fuel highway economy. We couldn’t believe it for several reasons, 1. in Canada they usually go my mile per liter, so we circled around and looked again. it was clearly listed as 45mpg. I should have taken a picture but I was late for a meeting.

  18. Me inereza saber si ya van a introducir a México sus camionetas en diesel cabina normal 4×4 para no ir a importar la camioneta ya descrita

  19. My 2014 has had sensor problems and will be in the shop for its 3rd trip. One more time and I am taking it back and refusing it under the Lemon Law here in Texas. Too many problems for a 45,000 dollar vehicle. Mileage has been fantastic…but not worth the constant trips to the shop.

  20. Retired from a major oil company. Went nuts sitting around. Bought a 2007 Dodge 2500 long-bed w/5.9 Cummins 2WD, 3.73 rear end, and went hot-shotting. My truck was really too nice for hot-shotting, but I never pulled a trailer, avoided pipe yards, and managed to keep it looking like new. Ran it for two years, then, kind of like Forest Gump, just quit. The Dodge now has 250k miles on the odometer and, short of tires, brakes, and batteries, it’s been one of the most reliable and, I never would’ve guessed it, but one of the nicest driving vehicles I’ve ever owned (it always drove “smaller” than it is, I normally choose the Dodge over our Mercedes ML550 or BMW 535i, when making 600 mile round trips to Kerrville, Tx. and back). As far as I can tell, my Ram truck will probably be with me forever. Yes, it rides a little stiff, but that’s just it’s character,… don’t think I’d like a more softly sprung truck,… just doesn’t seem right. Plans are to add an Undercover tonneau cover to hide my shifter karts, and just keep driving. Rock on!