2012 Volkswagen Amarok Fender Flares

2012 volkswagen amarokSurprisingly, Volkswagen is entering the mid-sized pickup arena to compete with Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. With Ford discontinuing the Ranger, and other options dwindling, the U.S. mid-sized truck market is up for grabs, and the Volkswagen Amarok could easily fill that position. Formerly known as the Volkswagen Robust Pick-Up, the Amarok is a dual cab, TDI powered, 6-speed (or 8 speed auto) light truck that’s a perfect combination of size and capability. Averaging 34.8 MPG (14.7 KPL), the Amarok is perfect for the American market.

So why doesn’t VW bring it to the United States? Simply put, a U.S. tariff called the “Chicken Tax” is keeping the Amarok out. This tax adds 25% to the price tag, which apparently is too steep for VW to stomach. However, there is a good chance that the Amarok will be sold in Canada, but that’s about as close as it’ll get for American auto enthusiasts. volkswagen-amarok-dakar-rallyBorn of German engineering, the Amarok had its trial by fire as a key support vehicle during the 2010 Dakar Rally. Over 45 Amarok’s were outfitted as official work trucks and VIP shuttles; four were specifically designed with robust off-road packages for those hard to reach places. This gave the world its first taste of how capable the Amarok really is.

Bushwacker noticed this and quickly moved to produce a Pocket Style Fender Flare, Bed Rail and Tail Gate Cap for the Amarok. Fortunately, we found an imported model in Ann Arbor, MI, which we borrowed and transported to Portland, OR. Over the course of several weeks the Bushwacker engineers scanned, designed, and fitted a new Pocket Style Flare. The result was a fender flare that provides 1-3/4″ (4.445 cm) tire coverage without the need for cutting or drilling.

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Volkswagen Amarok Stats:

Vehicle layout: Front engine, 4WD, 4-pass, 2-door pickup Engine: 2.0L/161-hp/295-lb-ft twin-turbodiesel I-4 Transmission: 6-speed manual Length x width x height: 206.9 x 76.5 x 72.2 in / 5.2 x 1.9 x 1.8 m Truck bed length x width: 61.2 x 63.8 in / 1.5 x 1.6 m Fuel tank capacity: 21.1 gal / 80 litre Braked towing capacity: 6173 lb / 2.8 metric tons Fuel economy: 34.8 mpg / 14.7 kpl

2012 Volkswagen Amarok Pocket Style Fender Flares:

Model Years: 2010 – 2014 Make: Volkswagen Models: Trendline and Highline Cab: Double Cab
VW Amarok Pocket Style Flares Set: #171901-02 | Tire Coverage: 1.75” / 4.445 cm | Weight 10kg
VW Amarok Pocket Style Front Flare Pair: #171001-02 | Tire Coverage: 1.75” / 4.445 cm
VW Amarok Pocket Style Rear Flare Pair: #171002-02 | Tire Coverage: 1.75” /4.445 cm
VW Amarok Smooth Bed Rail Caps: #178501
VW Amarok Smooth Tail Gate Cap: #178502

Contact your local Bushwacker dealer for information on how to order a set of Amarok Pocket Style Fender Flares, Bedrail and Tail Gate Caps today!

Europe -
G S A A JEEP VILLAGE, Chevilly-Laure France, 011-33-141-7323-23
ASP EBERLE, Moeglingen Germany, 497141491210
Off Road Products, Bayern Germany, 08225-309045
ISLENSK-BANDARISKA EHF, Mosfellsbær Iceland, 0013548979227
MONDO 4X4, Segrate Italy, 0113927496093
PERFORMANCE 4X4 SPARE PARTS, Vignate Italy, 393494306755
RTZ OFF-ROAD EQUIPMENT, Italy, 01139033167755
CI DISTRIBUTION, Fredrikstad Norway
RACING TECH, Madrid Spain, 011-34-666-121343 41
JEEP CAIXEIROS, Caixeiros Portugal, 011-351-9614
VOGELS OFF ROADS, Lyssach Switzerland, 01141344479091
GNES YURI, Kiev Ukraine, 0674-431153
RENNSPORT IMPORTS, Moscow Russia, (495)649-8834
TAR OTOMOTIV, Istanbul Turkey
TRUCKER AB, Nykvarn Sweden, 011-46-08-552-48599

South America/Mexico -
COMERCIAL TIER, Santiago Chile, (56-2) 665 92 18 – 665 7538
DEALER AUTOSHOPPING CIA LTDA, Cuenca Ecuador, 011-593-7-2820787
IDDEA, Guadalajara Mexico, 52339120204
EXX-TERIORICA, Tijuana Mexico, 011-52-66-86-47-92
AUTO CROMO SA, Panama City Panama, 011 (507) 229-0666
CORPORACION LA IDEAL WORLD, Industrial San Marcos Venezuela, (305)663-5303

Australia -
AMERICAN CUSTOM AU, Woodbridge, 07-3808-7771
ARB DOMINICANA 4X4, Kilsyth,  03-9761-6622
CRUISIN ON, The Vines, 011-618-9297-3489
OFFROAD PERFORMANCE WAREHOUSE, Kenthurst, 011-61-2-9654-115
POLY 4X4, Huntingdale, 011-61-3-9562-777

South Africa -
AFTERMARKET SALES, Johannesburg, 27-11-795-368
TJM PRODUCTS SA, Pumulani, 01-28-0899-512
US OFF-ROAD, Johannesburg, 27-82-7792-675

38 thoughts on “2012 Volkswagen Amarok Fender Flares

  1. Love the fender flares, great work guys. Any idea of pricing yet? Wow, those wheels look great as well what brand are they?

  2. $25,000 seems reasonable to me, as VW’s TDI Jetta is the same price. A Tacoma is easy $30-32K.

    I guessing your numbers are off a bit, the Amarok would be closer to to $35K with the chicken tax.

  3. Hi,
    Could you tell me more about those wheels? I know they are incubus crusher but I can’t seem to find them in 5×120, do you know the offset? Or even better do you know the part number?
    I really want to buy that flare and wheel combo.

    • Hi Alberto, I talked to the guy who built the Amarok for us, and he’s saying that particular wheel was designed for BMW’s and export only. It sounds like it’s a rare wheel from Incubus – he’s going to call his supplier and see if he can get a part # for you. I’ll post it as soon as I know

      • Hey Ben,
        I’m one more for the Bushwacker flares + Incubus wheel combo.

        While waiting for the wheel # ingo, can you ask the guy who built the Amarok, did he, or the owner, lift the Amarok up?
        It seems to me the car is at least 2″ lifted?
        Whould like to have that on my Amarok…


        • Hi Ante, I’ve tried to track down the wheel and tire combo, and have asked the builder several times and I keep getting told it was a custom wheel package, he seemed vague on the details. As for the lift, it was a simulated 2″ lift. We couldn’t make major modifications to the vehicle since it was on loan from VW USA

  4. Ben love the flares will be getting my set end of month here in Jamaica, also interested in the wheel and tire info. Thanks

  5. words of incubus “No sir that was custom drilled and custom painted.” they have to paint all the wheel in black cause incubus never made cruser 816 in all black and have to re drilled to amarok bolt pattern or use a bolt pattern adapter.

  6. Hi Ben, Amarok Flares do not needdrilling? how come?
    I received them with nuts and bolts.

    Please confirm,

    • That correct Peter – the only flares that require modifying of the fender are our Cut-Out Flares. The bolts included in the kit do not require drilling to mount.

      Thanks for the support Peter!

  7. Hi….I’m in oz and own a Ford Ranger. Will you be making rivet style flares to suit the Ranger?…. are there bed rail caps available? ….*crawling on my hand and knees….. please.. Please!*

    Desperately seeking flares ;)

    • Hey Jane! Trust me, i’ve been poking engineering to get on this. There’s definitely a discussion about making the Ranger our next export Flare. What kind of wheels and tires are you running?

    • Hey Nahuel,

      The box weight for all four fender flares is 10kg (21.95 lbs), the box dimensions is 124,46cm x 25,4cm x 81,28cm (49″ x 10″ x 32″). Let me know if you need any more info!

  8. Hi..
    I´m looking for those fenders for my Amarok 2012, but i can´t find a dealership close by. I live in Mexico, can you tell me where can i ask for a set of those? That Amarok looks mean!

  9. Hi Ben,
    I have a 2013 lifted Amarok with 33×12.5 MT tires and looking to get these flares. I am in New Zealand, just saw that you only have dealers in Australia, what options would I have to but them and have them shipped?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Eric, thanks for the inquiry! It looks like your best options would be to order from an Aus dealer and ship, or from Amazon.com and ship. I’ll check with our international sales manager to see if we’ve opened anything up recently in NZ

      • Ben, thanks for your answer. The shipping from Amazon is extremely expensive so I would have to look into getting these flares from AUS. In order to install them I have to remove the stock flares, right? And the specs indicate a 1.75″ coverage, this means I would get an additional 1.75″ coverage from what I have with the stock flares?

        • Hey Eric,

          Our international sales manager referred to Custom Truck In Forestdale for NZ orders. Their contact is:

          Katy McBeath
          Custom Truck
          21 Sienko street
          FORESTDALE QLD 4118


          In regards to installation, yes the OE flares must be removed. The coverage is measured from top center of the wheel arch outwards – i’m not sure what the OE coverage is so I don’t know what the difference would be. You can read the installation specs here