Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Cut-Out Fender Flares

bushwacker-jeep-grand-cherokee-wj-buildThe 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ doesn’t share much with its predecessor the 93-98 ZJ. It’s as if the WJ bridged the gap between old and new. It’s the last of the Cherokee’s to come with a solid front axle, and the first of them to feature a 5 x 5 bolt pattern. It’s also the first Chrysler vehicle to use the Power-Tech V8 engine and Quadra-Drive, which uses a NV247 transfercase. Quadra-Drive is a full time 4wd system that typically runs 100% in RWD, but through hydraulics it transfers power to the front if the rear spins at a faster rate. This system also uses the Vari-Lok that in essence acts like a limited slip for the differentials.

Once a premium priced luxury vehicle, the Grand Cherokee WJ is now an affordable SUV that leaves room to tinker. That’s why there’s been a surge of modified WJ’s making their way to the trail; who wouldn’t want to wheel in the lap of luxury?

Cut-Out Fender Flares

With the WJ’s new found popularity came countless requests for Bushwacker Fender Flares. Up until then the Grand Cherokee wasn’t on our production list, but the demand was too strong to ignore. So we collaborated with the WJ community (in particular JeepForum), and decided that a Cut-Out Fender Flare was the best option for the WJ. Bushwacker Cut-Outs provide the clearance needed for large tires while forming to the contour lines of the vehicle.

Naturally, Bushwacker Cut-Out Fender Flares require trimming of the the wheel well for the flares to fit. The WJ Cut-Out removes 2″ of sheet metal from the front and rear wheel wells, and 1″ from the rear door dogleg. This gives oversized wheels & tires the clearance they need to move.

WJ Grand Cherokee Detachable PIece Based on the responses from our WJ community survey, we chose to create 1.25″ of Tire coverage from top dead center on both the front and rear flare. We designed up to 9″ of coverage at the base of the mudflap as well. The mudflap is also detachable for aftermarket rear bumpers.

The WJ Cut-Outs are made from our heavy duty Dura-Flex® 2000 TPO Material. TPO has a high modulus of elasticity which allows the material to flex, this reduces the risk of cracking. TPO also has a superior resistance to UV and chemical solvents, which keeps our flares looking new day in and out.

The Bushwacker Grand Cherokee WJ

We went with a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited for our WJ build. This vehicle would include our first WJ Cut-Out prototype. The other components we installed were:

BDS Suspension 4″ suspension lift
Mickey Thompson 33 x 12.5″ Baja Claw tires
Mickey Thompson Classic Lock Black wheels
WARN VR-8000-s winch
Trail Ready Base Front Bumper
PIAA Lights

Read more about our WJ build here, or tell us what kind of mods you’ve done to your WJ in the comments below!

51 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Cut-Out Fender Flares

  1. Awesome! waiting for since I bought wj!
    I have:
    4 rough country lift kit
    32×11.5 r15 BFG km2
    Arb Diff covers
    This Fenders))))
    33×12.5 BFG km2
    front long arm
    custom front winch bumper
    custom rear bumper with tire carrier
    roof rack.

    what time release?
    Hello from Russia!

  2. Are there any production plans to create a WJ fender flare that blends well with the stock front bumper? It looks like the lines on these are only “attractive” if the owner has an aftermarket front bumber. Maybe a third piece for the front to attach to the bumper?

  3. Credit Card is ready for these – any idea on release date?

    No mods to date as I’ve had my WJ for about a month, but I’m planning the following:
    4.7 Stroker
    3-4″ Lift
    New Wheels and Tires
    Custom Bumper

  4. When they are done can just pick them up from the warehouse in Portland instead of having to wait for them? I’ve been wanting these FOREVER! :)

    I’ll beg if required…

  5. Cant wait, about time people realized this is a great demand for wj’s. Will they be ready by the end of this year?

  6. Thank you for manufacturing these for the WJ fans. These really make the wj stand out. I am looking forward to having this set up on my overland. Thanks again…..bk

  7. Sweet! Super stoked to get ahold of a set of these! I’m going for the low slung/big tires look. Let me know when they are out!

  8. Is there an update yet? Everyone on Jeepforum is waiting. Many people have the money set aside waiting, including me. Is there any release date or price yet?

  9. Looks good for that tuff look but I was hoping more for something along the lines of your Extend-a-fender or OE style. Any thoughts on doing something a little more factory looking and for those that don’t want to cut the body. Here in Aus the cut outs flares would attract a little to much attention.

    • Hi Gavin, thanks for the feedback – currently we don’t have production plans for an Extend-A-Fender or OE Style, but that’s not saying it won’t happen. If we find that there is demand for these styles then we’ll definitely produce them.

  10. What makes these different from the iceland offroad flares? what makes these worth buying over iceland’s? im curious to see what people have to say. Im so excited to finally see the fender flares of my dreams that ive been waiting for for almost two years now. im looking into the iro 6.5 front long arm lift and a set of flares, also what tire size should i run? theyll be 12.5 i know that for sure.

    • The primary difference between Bushwacker WJ Cut-Out flares and the Iceland Offroad flares is that Iceland Offroad’s are made of fiberglass which can shatter on impact. Our Cut-Outs are made of thermoformed TPO which can absorb an impact, and return to its original shape. Our flares are also an inch less wide, which based on our product survey is what WJ owners want.

      As for tire size, if you’re doing a 6.5″ lift then i’d go with 35′s at least, but be sure to re-gear your differentials if you do that big!

  11. Can we get a hard date on when these will be available for purchase as well as what the cost is going to be? I am ready to buy (this minute) so please let us know. Once I can get these I am slapping on a 4″ lift, swapping to 17″ rims and slapping on some 31″ tires. Ready to spend the money now and get it off to test it all out.

  12. i was looking and praying yall would make some wj flares… love the look. i was about to go with iceland. im glad i did one last search.

    02 wj
    61/2″ iron rock offroad long arm lift
    33″ tires
    4.7 v8 -superchips programmer
    cut off rear section of wj to make a lil truck bed (still 4 door)

  13. Amazing looking flares. I will want a set. Not on your website yet. Please keep us all advised when you start selling em. (Iceland’s website is offline now and it does not look like he is going to survive.) I’d rather buy from Bushwacker.

  14. Hi, I’m french and I have been waiting to buy also! what is the model of the bumper on the photo?
    I have a kit 6.5 “IRO with tires 285/70/17

  15. HURRY UP ALREADY!!!! Nothing worse than telling somebody you will do something and then it doesn’t happen. I want to order tires, but am waiting to see if these really come out, then I will go one size bigger.

  16. Iceland is gone now.. too bad.. but after seeing the Cut Outs – I want them more – especially with the picture above except I will do the LSR bumper instead.

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  19. Hi from the UK, These fender flares look brilliant, i need a pair, any idea when they will be availdable and how much?
    My jeep WJ has a 4″ lift and am waiting to buy a trail ready front bumper as pictured above along with some of these awesome looking fender flares to complete the look.

    • Hi Mark, thank you for the support! They’re currently available to order, do you have a local auto shop that carries Bushwacker products? If so, you should be able to inquire when they’ll be imported to the UK. Otherwise you could purchase from an American online dealer and import them yourself. Visit our “where to buy” section here to see our list of online preferred dealers.

      • Thanks! I’m interested in hearing what you learn. There is a guy on jeep forum running iceland flares on 35′s but he is probably bump stopped like crazy. Besides I like your products much better. Please keep us posted with different bumper/tire carrier pics with your Flares. Thanks!

        • Sorry for getting back to you late on this – I just talked to the builder of our WJ and he’s saying that 35′s would rub with a 4″ and our Cut-Outs. It’d be best to stick with 33′s and 4″ or 35′s and 6″

  20. How will these flares work with an Overland? I have an ’02 Overland with factory rock sliders that I want to keep. I looked through the install directions and did not see anything mentioned about the Overland. The factory rock sliders are awesome and it would be a shame to have to lose them or make them ugly having to cut them up or exposing the ends which would get full of slush and salt here in the Midwest.

  21. Very nice I have been waiting a long time for these to come out……..nice pick with the BDS 4″ lift it is amazing.

    P.S. the WJ on the BDS site is mine….the one on the beach by the mountains, to bad i dident have the fender flares for that picture would have made it that much better.

    Jake McNaughton

  22. Would you happen to know the max tire size with no rub? :S I have and IRO 3″ lift kit w/ Bilsteins, I was hoping the lift kit + these flares could clear the 33′s you guys have on your WJ build or maybe some BFG km2′s…

    • I forgot to add that i’ll be adding the Trail Ready Base Front Bumper (just like the one on your WJ build as well) I hope that will give it a little bit more clearance too. I have no problem riding around w/o a bumper either lol :p